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my page is very BORING I KNOW! but please, i try XD

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Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-LehreYes, i am used to the old country more than anything. Yes ive got alot of non looking country stuff but that doesnt mean i dont have folders overflowing with my bloodline :] look in my favorites for my bloodline folder.
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre I am a creative writer and poet
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre I do commissions
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre requests are for friends only or some idols
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre I learn from others techniques and make my own by thinking up something different from theirs.
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Dont judge me.


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Alright, i haven't been on here, I haven't drawn much and I apologize. I am very boring. BUT when I finish school (shortly in the coming week) I shall take a shot of my self portrait artwork I was assigned in my class. It has taken my mind to plan, along with school work and more, however I promise you it shall be quite an extraordinary piece of the many mediums I use and favor. I unfortunately cannot take a shot of the finale-is that even spelled right- sketch for I've already started the paint process. I hope if some of you can help me before I get to the detail shadow painting of the realism, see if you can find tips for me. If not, I don't mind, i am hoping the final will be breathtaking. I am quite excited as it is. I'll keep you posted!
-sneaks forward- 
oh hay guys..... im unactive bc,,, no time? ive been sick, busy, and tired sooooo sorry. BYE FOR A BIT

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1953, October 31st

    It's Halloween now. I can hear the party below, the soft jazz of a tenor saxophone giving a sweet flowing solo. I should be downstairs with my guests. Instead I'm up in my father's study. MY study. I hate my father for leaving everything to me so suddenly. Al Capone may be the most infamous gangster of Illinois, but that doesn't mean I'll not surpass his glory. I sigh and stare at the paperwork below me. Treaties. I always hated treaties. HOLIDAY TREATIES. The worst. A soft knock echoed from outside the study door, so soft but audible above the noise of the parlor below. "Come in," I grumble, glaring at the blasted letters. The door unlatched and opened softly. I didn't bother with looking to see, maybe John, I was too distracted. As i was mentally cursing the gang on Tonti, small delicate but heavenly soft hands wrapped around my neck from behind and a small chin rested itself on my shoulder. The smell of coconut, lime, and vanilla wafted towards me, underneath the perfume the permanent smell of cedar and burning wood smell. I loved it. So outdoors-like. I couldn't even focus my eyes on the paper because of the girl holding me and breathing evenly. She was reading. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply and slowly, savoring the scent. Not a girl, a WOMAN. fragile to me, but the most fiery woman I have known. Mature beyond her years, gorgeous, and sweet. She was my drug i would never deal away. Never abuse. Or i at least tried to not hit her in anyway. 
    "Why did Christopher send you a treaty on Halloween?" she asked. Her voice like silk and causing me to mentally shiver. I clenched my jaw and finally opened my eyes to finally focus on the typed words.
    "Because he wanted to get my attention. He knew about the celebration. Luckily he won't show." She scoffed, "He shouldn't have," she kissed my jaw, just right on the line. "He's taken my man to sit and growl in his study all night. Rather than dancing below in the grand room." The last statement was slightly whining, causing a course of desire pulse through my very soul. I swung my chair slowly to look to her. Her cocktail dress was black, it hung horizontally, an imperial waistline that was loose looking but fit well against her form. The pearl and diamond necklace i gave her rested right above her bust. Her form was something most women dreamed of. An hourglass figure, a little on the chubby at the hips but full and formed well. She was strong, working with the auto was something i did not approve of my lady, but something she loved so i let her. Her long amber sparkling brunette hair hung in heat created curls, her eyes glowing the deep silvery blue, highlighted by her freckled cheeks and the dark makeup put on her eyelids. I just stared at her, then downstairs a song, our song, started to play. I couldn't resist singing to her:
"Unforgettable. That's what you are. Unforgettable, oh near and far. Like a song, of love that clings to me. how the the thought of you does things to me. Never before, has someone been more.." 

    I stood up and took her hand, guiding her to the center of the study and slowly dancing with her. Rocking her back and forth, her hand in mine and on my shoulder. My hand in hers and the other securely around her waist. She smiled as i continued singing to her as i twirled her. Soon she joined into singing with me. As the song ended and applause was heard, we stopped dancing, still in each other's arms, just staring lovingly. L.O.V.E. began playing but we did not move. I smiled to her and leaned my forehead to hers, slowly leaning closer. She closed the gap and sealed the kiss. Her soft red plush lips against mine was one of the best feelings of the world. My hold tightened  around her waist. I could stay like that forever. With her. 
    The door opens suddenly and the kiss is broken. I glare at the door and hold her close. It was John, my second in command. "What on earth are you barging in and interrupting for, John?! Knock for heaven's sake!" I snap to him. His brow furrowed and he bowed his head to both of us, "Sorry boss. My sincere apology mistress. Boss you gotta come down to the parlor. Christopher and his second are here. Chattin' like they own the place." John backed into the hall as i glared at him. I growl and feel the soft hand of her touch my cheek, "Hush now Jack, we'll finish this later. You've got territory to protect and i understand." she kisses my cheek. "I'll join Catherine in the kitchen ok? Keep the guests at bay and distracted." I sigh and look apologetic to her, "I'm sorry my darlin' I-" she cuts me off. "Go on now." with a final puppy look to her, i square my shoulders and take my fedora and put my revolver in my coat jacket pocket and take her hand, escorting her down the grand stairs, kissing her hand, then following John to the front parlor. 
    Walking into the parlor, i find Christopher, Tonti's gang boss, laughing with a young woman with short blonde hair. Christopher sees me enter and stands up. "Welcome Jack! We were just discussin how i sent you a treaty! Did you receive it?" I glare at him evenly, "Yeah, I've been looking it over. And it's Lantern to you. Calling me by my first is not your privilege to have." Christopher faked a guilty smile, "Oh im truly sorry for that. My mistake."  
    I cross my arms behind my back, "What are you doing here Tonti? I don't recall the memory of sending you an invitation." 
    "Oh? We'll maybe you did and was too distracted to remember." he grinned.
    "No. I'm sure to exclude you from the list. I sent them myself."
    Christopher snatched up the blonde girl's invitation card. The key to get in the party, "Well, Lantern, did you write these as well?"
    I never let my gaze leave his playful eyes, "On the contrary, no. Meriel wrote them." he looked smugly, "Beautiful handwriting. I wonder what else she can do with her hands.."
    I clenched my fists and jaw so tightly, i could have broken my teeth, "Do not bring filth to her. Leave her out of this Tonti." John fidgeted beside me, itching for a command.
    Christopher grinned meanly, "She's quite the jewel isn't she, Lantern? Why, had you not set your claim on her, i would've made her MY mistress."
"She's quite the figure. lovely curves-"
"Stop Now."
"Mm. Would feel so good beneath me-"
"Enough. I swear Tonti."
"Sweaty and messy-"
    I lunged at him, grabbing him by the coat and flinging him against the wall and slamming his head into the wall. the girl screamed and ran out. He was laughing about my break. I"ll show him. I whipped out my revolver, cocked the hammer back and pressed it against his chin. "Don't you dare think i won't pull the trigger. I've ended scum like you before. So many pleaded. You're lucky you're gonna go fast." My voice had dropped two octaves. Much more like a horrific frightening growl. My anger causing me to shake and adrenaline pump through my veins. Christopher's Adam's apple bobbed nervously, "N-Now Lantern i-it was a joke! no harm done." 
"No Harm?! That's my WOMAN you're disrespecting! I outta waste you right now." 
"Please, Jack- i- i mean Lantern please! Don't-"
"No.. I won't but you better move your damn self out of my house! out of my town! Don't come back with this laid back act. KNOW WHO OWNS YOU."
He swallowed and nodded rapidly. I flung him against John, "Take out the trash." John nods and drags Tonti out to the front porch and throws him down the steps. I sigh and lean against the wall, uncocking the revolver and stashing it back into my coat pocket. The sound of quick clicking heels on the hardwood came down the hall and slowed beside me. "Darling... it's ok." I turn to her, grip her shoulders and kiss her harshly. "Mine." i whisper against her lips. "Indeed," she smiles and we walk down the hall to the party.
Jack Oliver Lantern, Diary Entry 27
Ok so heres a little story of Jack. I started with entry 27 of his diary just so you get a feel of his life plus tomorrows Halloween lol! but yeah, hope u like it! background will be given throughout the entries.

characters-Jack, Meriel, Christopher, John, etc- (c) Me YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THEM WITHOUT PERMISSSION

Music- (c) Nat King Cole


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i havent been to dA in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG FRICKIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah sorry peeps! ive been so inactive and busy with. life. and.  yeah. ive gone thro some crap BUT im makin a comback! i introduce a new character! 

Name: Jack Oliver Lantern (Jack O. Lantern)
Age: 17
Personality: strong, silent type- schizophrenic, insanely smart (like Sherlock smart), anger managment issues,
Likes: artwork, poetry, reading, acting, violence, intimidation, being dominant, decently half warm, half chill weather, old school
Dislikes: SWAG! whiners, idiots, challenging opponents, being a babysitter (kids kinda upset him aside form Candel) giving up, incomplete, failure
Tell us a bit bout yoself: "I quite loathe this, therapeutic act. i do not have the spare moments to waste upon such folly. My father i hate, and must succeed over his work. i run a mafia in Salem, IL. Halloween is my prime. Now excuse me, i must return to IMPORTANT business." *gets up and walks out door, stopping to glace over shoulder and stare with piercing amber/orange-yellow eyes* :i: "Oh, and do be sure to recall, i will hunt you down shall you distract me again. Good Day."

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Leo by Elvia-Zodiac
these pieces may vary on whatever you want, just no lez, bi, gay, or sexual artwork. characters (WITH CLOTHES) is fine, i will do animal characters
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Untitled Drawing by Elvia-Zodiac
Untitled Drawing by Elvia-Zodiac
Untitled Drawing by Elvia-Zodiac
DAmuro anything, just nothing too complicated


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